Aaron Lee Dizon

Shout Out Loud was founded in Aaron’s honor on 2018 by his big sister Laura Dizon and her psychologist friend Dr. Lisa Lovelace.

Aaron Dizon died by suicide on March 5th, 2014.  Aaron was a talented chef and musician and the kindest person. Aaron completed suicide even though….. He had a family that loved him unconditionally. He was popular with tons of friends. He had a good job and he also had access to mental health care. He seemed happy but he wasn’t.

To Aaron:

Too many years since you left us Aaron! We are all still devastated.
You had a smile that lit up a room.
You knew how to brighten someone’s day!
You had a family that loved you unconditionally.
You were popular with tons of friends.
You enjoyed your work.
You played hard.
You had access to mental health care.
But…. you suffered from depression and anxiety. You didn’t feel good enough.

I know more now. I know to ask if you are feeling suicidal.  I know that asking you won’t make you do it.  I know if I had taken more time to listen instead of talking I could have been a better supporter of you.  I just know better now.

YOU are all that mattered. I wish you knew that.  Your flaws and mistakes didn’t define you.  Your heart did.  We saw you Aaron.  We were so proud of you.  I wish I would have done a better job of showing you.

YOU are what drives me now. I see you in my sweet Mira. She is so much like you! With her I will do better and be better.
Every. Single. Day. I Shout Out Loud for you Aaron. ❤️

Love You forever!


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