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We are on a mission to normalize the conversation about mental wellness and encourage participation in community resources.

Suicide doesn’t have a ‘look’.  That’s why we NEED to normalize the conversation around mental health and suicide.  We NEED to be talking about suicide prevention in schools, in businesses, and in homes.  We NEED to make mental health care and community resources accessible to everyone.  We NEED to provide our communities with adequate resources, care, and education to prevent people from reaching a crisis.

Because the people who need help sometimes look a lot like the people who don’t need help.

Contact us to join in the planning of our next Suicide Prevention event.

We are also looking for local educators to join us in our mission to Shout Out Loud in our local schools.


Live Music! Family Fun!

Food Trucks!  Prizes!

Suicide prevention is not just about recognizing and intervening when someone is already in a crisis.

It’s about providing people with access to adequate resources, education, and care to prevent these crises. 

This is why we have to take a PROACTIVE approach to suicide prevention.

Laura of Shout Out Loud and Lisa from Synergy eTherapy are teaming up again to hold the 4th ‘Shout Out Loud’ suicide prevention and resource awareness charity event.  Saturday, 9/30/23 at the ROC (SLP REC Center, fully covered, rain free, outdoor venue) in St. Louis Park, MN.

Our main goal with Shout Out Loud (501c3 Non-Profit) is to normalize the conversation about suicide prevention in our community and encourage participation in local wellness resources.  Our annual event is FREE & FAMILY FRIENDLY with a focus on mental and physical wellness activities for all ages to enjoy.  Think of a backyard carnival with fun games, activities, music, food trucks, raffle prizes, and much more!  We want to bring in a multitude of diversity and be mindful in elevating the voices of our BIPOC community.   

Want to know something cool? Our ENTIRE organization is made up of volunteers.  Everyone involved volunteers their time, including Lisa & Laura and our Board of Directors.  It takes a village to Shout Out Loud!


With the suicide rate rising in particular among 10-24 year olds, we NEED to do more to teach coping skills and increase awareness about wellness resources.

Our ‘Coping Cubbies’ are sponsored by local Minnesota health clinics and businesses with the goal of enhancing a child’s or adult’s ability to deal with stress.  We will also have several other areas at the event geared towards creative and expressive arts like arts/crafts, robotics & coding, virtual reality, music, karate, and more.

Funds raised will be used towards mental wellness initiatives, directly impacting our community.

As a part of our work this year, we are looking to build a curriculum used by schools to teach coping skills as well as teach kids to Shout Out Loud (ask for help) when they need it!

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